Saving the Busseyin Shrine from Climate Change is our Goal!

USA government funds USA NGO CyArk to create flood prevention plan to help AOTF to save the Busanyin Shrine.

Busanyin, one of the oldest and most important Shrines in the Groves, is the victim of climate change and the rising waters of the Osun River.  Massive flooding severely damaged the Shrine in 2019.  Until the Shrine can be protected, the AOTF cannot restore this beautiful and spiritually important place of worship. It is the only Shrine in the Groves that has not yet been restored by the AOTF’s Restoration Team.

With the generous financial support from the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, CyArk, a US based NGO, documented and developed a flood mitigation plan using the expertise CDR Engineers.  The AOTF supported this important work by involving the HRM the Ataoja of Osogbo, Shrine Priests, Priestesses and devotees throughout the process. The end product is a comprehensive plan to protect the Shrine from future flooding and to finally restore this Shrine to its former glory.  The AOTF is working hard to raise the funds to implement the plan and save Busanyin.

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